Roller conveyor for papermaking
    Item : Heavy duty roller conveyor
    Number : R081220
    Product Description

    Specification:L2900*W3716*H300 (mm)


    Roller diameter:80mm

    Roller pitch:150mm

    Effective width:2900mm

    Max. load:1000KG

    Conveying goods:Cartons, logistics

    Power:AC110V (Single-phase), AC220V (Single-phase), AC220V (Three-phase), AC380V (Three-phase)

    Speed:Constand speed, DC speed adjustment, inverter adjustment

    Advantages:Carton handling use and good stability.


    Roller conveyor system is an optimized conveyor system, applications vary from manufacturing to distribution operations. The conveyor body can be made of aluminum frame or steelwork.


    Roller conveyor system has 2 types of power drive which are motor and power roller, and 3 methods of operation which are chain, V pulley and timing pulley.


    The roller conveyor system can combine with ball transfer table when products are required to be manually rotated or correctly positioned.