Plastic roller conveyor
    Item : Gravity roller conveyor
    Number : R080919
    Product Description

    Specification:L3000*W315 (mm)


    Roller diameter:50mm

    Roller pitch:200mm

    Effective width:315mm

    Max. load:150KG

    Conveying goods:Cartons, material box, finished, logistics

    Advantages:Gravity type suitable for large and heavy duty industrial.


    Roller conveyors are an optimized conveyor system, with applications vary from manufacturing to distribution operations. The conveyor body can be made of aluminum frame or steelwork.


    The gravity roller conveyor system can be delivered in all measurements. The rollers can be delivered in: steel, stainless steel, steel with PVC, PVC, Aluminium or other combinations.


    The gravity roller conveyor work on his best when the products have the same weight. When the products have different weight the brake rollers are a good solution to get the required velocity. You can adjust a gravity roller conveyor to get the right angle and to control the speed.