Two row timing belt conveyor
    Item : Two-row timing belt conveyor
    Number : B200207
    Product Description

    The belt is T10*30W, the load is 70kg,

    and the conveying speed is 20m/min.


    Product Introduction


    1.      The belt is made of PU material with a steel wire core inside, which can enhance the tensile strength of the belt.

    2.      Less noise during operation; the fuselage is composed of aluminum-type modules,

    3.      Support mechanisms can be installed according to the work station requirements, such as jacking positioning mechanism, jacking rotating mechanism, transfer mechanism

    4.      Modular design can be matched with different options according to customer needs.


    1.      This is system is able to connect with assembling lines while others main machines are on duties.

    2.      It can work with robotic arm.

    3.      Automated production line