Chain conveyor
    Item : Chain conveyor
    Number : C200207B
    Product Description

    Specifications: RF40S2-500kg, RF50S2-1600kg, RF60S1-1600kg

    Product Introduction


    Chain conveyors are drawn and carried by continuous chains,

    and are mainly used to transport heavy objects.

    The chain conveyor system usually has a two-row and three-row main structure.

    The advantage of the chain conveyor is simple installation and easy maintenance.

    The modular design of Chain We’s chain conveyor,

    according to customer needs, a variety of matching options.



    1. It is widely used for conveying pallets of various materials and specifications,

         and the pallet conveying system in automated warehouse is applied

    2. Application of fixable size of conveying parts,

        such as: barrels, jigs, molds, pallets, iron work pieces... etc.