Automatic warehouse AS/RS conveying system,

including small type MINI LOAD FOR boxes and cartons,

and UNIT/LOAD for pallets

The 3D design of storage is able to save the space of warehouse. 

Equipped with the surrounding conveying system,

it saves the time of material handling and able recording

and realizes the purpose of automation efficiently and accurately.

The system includes roller conveyor device,

and the PIN UP mechanism matched with AS/RS is used

in the outbound/inbound movement.

The transfer mechanism is able to change item’s conveying direction,

and the induction unit mechanism for automatic weighing,

and the application of the BARCODE READER to read the data.

Automatically read the information of each bin or pallet,

it is through the combination between PLC and IPC,

and it is actuating to accurate records of the warehousing information 

It can be equipped with displays at each station to display relevant information

about the products in and out of the warehouse.