Standard light duty belt conveyor
Item : Standard light duty belt conveyor
Number : B4060
Product Description


Frame:Aluminum profile, high steel aluminum, aluminum processing

Belt material:green PVC belt, green PU flat belt, white food grade belt

Max. load:20-50 kg/m

Transporting goods:Suitable for all kinds of small goods, medium goods

Motor:25W, 40W, 60W, 90W, 200W

Speed: constant speed, inverter control, DC voltage adjustment

The advantages of standard light duty belt conveyor:

The light duty belt conveyor is beautiful lightweight design, solid, durable and quick delivery.

We can mass produce standard light belt conveyors and food grade belt conveyors.

The belt of standard light duty belt conveyor is with anti-snake design.

The standard light belt conveyor and food-grade belt conveyor industrial applications:

Light duty belt conveyors can be used with packaging machines, inspection machines.

Economic and Affordable!

Product Introduction

Notable Advantages


Compact construction

Short lead time

Quick installation

Easy maintenance

Quiet operation

Modular Design

It is suitable for normal environment, clean room environment and ideal for different applications.

A wide selection of belt at your disposal



Assembly line




Material handling

Paper making

Electronics industry

Precision machinery

Chemical industry

Plastic material box, tool box, drum conveying

Plastic pallet, wooden pallet, carton, cardboard transfer


Custom OEM and ODM projects to suit your needs !