standard chain conveyor
    Item : Chain conveyor
    Number : C060606SB-2
    Product Description

    Chain conveyor system provides good positive drive and it is an economical form of transportation of goods. It generally has double or triple strands which configured with in frame length of chains. It can be used for conveying products that will not convey well on other conveyor style.

    It is not only employed for where movement of heavy loads such as pallets, drums and collapsible pallet boxes used in warehouses and manufacturing areas, but also a product is irregularly shaped or has protrusions like feet.

    Chain conveyor system can combine with transfer, lifter, pallet collector, manually operated turntable to save on installation time.


    Frame: Aluminum extrusion

    Effective width: 600 ~ 2000 mm

    Max. load: 500 KG

    Conveying goods: Material boxes, pallets

    Advantages: Light load type, beautiful, assembly with convenient