Multi lane conveyor belt
Item : Multi lane conveyor belt
Number : B111103
Product Description

Specification:L3700*W2300*H150 (L3700*W500*2 sets) (mm), customized design

Frame:steel structure with paint, belt support plate*3T

Belt material:green PVC resistance to cutting belt, black PVC resistance to cutting belt

Effective width:adjustable width

Max. load:200~400 kg/m

Conveying goods:large plate, sharp items, different width goods


Speed: constant speed, inverter control, DC voltage adjustment

The advantages of multi lane conveyor belt:

The multi lane conveyor belt is anti-snaking design, belt conveyor uses the ball screw to adjust the width of 2 machines.

Multi lane conveyor belt can adjust width around 1000~2200mm.

The multi-lane conveyor can be installed lifting mechanism to improve the practicality.

Multiple lane conveyors at the end of the unloading platfrom to facilitate the angle adjustment.