Food grade gooseneck belt conveyor
Item : Food grade gooseneck belt conveyor
Number : B100709
Product Description

Specification:L1800*W200*H1000 (mm)

Frame:Stainless steel, aluninum profile

Belt material:White PU Food-grade belt, green belt

Effective width:200 mm

Max. load:10~20 kg/m

Tilt angle:45 degrees, 60 degrees

Conveying goods:Moist items, water containing items, suitable for small products delivery

Speed: constant speed, inverter control, DC voltage adjustment

The advantages of food grade gooseneck belt conveyors:

Food grade gooseneck belt conveyor is made of stainless steel and applied to the humid environment and water cleaning.

The inclined belt conveyor with tilt angle design, it is suitable for site-constrained environment.