heavy duty belt conveyor
    Item : Heavy duty belt conveyor
    Number : B090415
    Product Description

    Specification:L1850*W1450*H500 (mm)

    Frame:Steel SS41 and paint

    Belt material:Green PVC, wear-resistant belt, PU belt

    Max. load:100 kg/m

    Transporting goods:Suitable for all kinds of large goods

    Motor:400W, 750W

    Speed: constant speed, inverter control, DC voltage adjustment

    The advantages of heavy duty belt conveyor:

    Heavy duty belt conveyors are rugged and durable, suitable for handling medium to large items.

    The heavy duty belt conveyor installs fixed type guide at both sides to meet customer requestment.

    Belt conveyor also assembles adjustable supports which can adjust height of 10 ~ 50mm.

    Heavy duty belt conveyor is fast delivery and easy maintenance!